History of the ISRN

The Society has, since its formation in 1934, steadfastly held to the principles of Straight Nature Cure, high standards of training and a refusal to mislead the public. Members of the Society maintain that 'Straight Nature Cure' has been tried for over hundreds of years, well before the current upsurge of the pharmaceutical industry, and found not wanting.

James C Thomson (1887- 1960) was the Co Founder in 1920 of The Nature Cure Association. His own Edinburgh School of Natural Therapeutics (ESNT) in the center of Edinburgh ran a 4 year full-time training. (Some other schools did not demand as vigorous a training )

In 1927 a group broke away to form the Society of British Naturopaths having as part of its qualifying standards a 4 years minimum full time training. 1934 saw the formation of the Incorporated Society of Registered Naturopaths which had been formed to succeed the Society of British Naturopaths. 1938 marked the beginnings of renewed ESNT activity moving from the center of Edinburgh to the City's Southern outskirts to the grounds of the newly established Kingston Nature Cure Clinic which offered both patients and students with well appointed accommodation and an open surrounding environment. The Free Clinic associated with the ESNT was also accommodated within the grounds. The ESNT was closed during the war years which followed and, reopened again in 1946 and soon developed its course of training in Naturopathy into a five year full time training syllabus.

The TK Publishing Company still has its office in the Grounds of the one time Kingston Clinic.

(TK Publishing, The Coach House,70 Kingston Ave, Edinburgh, EH16 5SW. They carry a very good selection of clear valuable short and concise publications on Straight Nature Cure.- see books and educational materials link above or below.)

In 1955 the ISRN negotiated with the Ministry of National Insurance to standardize certificates of incapacity, and a form acceptable to both parties was drawn up, printed and supplied to members.

The 1960 AGM of the ISRN sadly recorded the death of James C. Thomson its best known founder. A minute recorded at that meeting reads:- "Without his strength, ability, power and inspiration the Society might never have existed, nor would we as practitioners have been here."

Having in mind the vast amount of effort, devotion and courage that James C. Thomson had put into the promotion of Straight Nature Cure throughout his life, the 1961 General Meeting approved the formation of a Charitable Trust to his memory. Its purpose was to ensure that his Nature Cure driving force would continue in a small way, assisted by many both patients and practitioners who would always be grateful for the influence James C. Thomson had on their lives.

In 1966 James C.Thomson's wife Jessie Thomson, also a Registered practitioner and well known for her writings and expertise with mothers and children, was rewarded for her lifetimes service to Nature Cure by receiving Honorary Life Membership of the ISRN.

The main principles of the ISRN, which have stood the test of time are:-

  1. At least 4 years training in Natural Therapeutics to standards approved by the Society.
  2. That its membership are pledged to practise Straight Nature Cure. In the words of the current Bye-Laws: No Member of the Register shall prescribe 'remedies', e.g., biochemicals, tissue salts, hormones, vitamin concentrates, pharmaceutical, homeopathic or herbal preparations; neither shall they practise hypnotism or any other therapy contrary to the philosophy and principles of the Society.

This outline History reflects a record of which the Members of the Incorporated Society of Registered Naturopaths can be proud. They belong to the professional Nature Cure Society of longest standing in Great Britain, which has consistently maintained high standards of training, ethics and practice.

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